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"QuestCafe is divided up into themed rooms, which will quickly take you to another dimension where you will experience a thrilling adventure while completing a series of tasks (quest). To complete a quest you need to explore various hiding places, find hidden objects, solve series of riddles and ciphers and connect the clues to solve the whole story. Currently you can visit our three small rooms for 2-3 players each, while we prepare our great game for 2-5 players. Each has it's own story, theme and includes free refreshments with each game. In addition You can try out our free WC escape room, if you dare.  We also offer over 100 puzzles for borrowing"

Escape rooms:

Tutanchamun's Thomb (549 CZK / 2 person)

Anyone interested in the secrets of Ancient Egypt will certainly appreciate the possibility to break into a faraos' tomb in our Tutanchamuns' tomb room. In our Ronins' journey room, up to three martial arts, anime and japanese culture enthusiast will be able to walk in Ronins' footsteps to find his legendary weapon.

Twisted Socialism (549 CZK / 2 person)

If you are no strangers to political sarcasm, Twisted socialism will not disappoint. In this room you will help a senile member of the Communist party find his lost party-ID, so his daughter can go to the university.

Ronin's Journey (549 CZK / 2 person)

One of the greatest challenges in our lives is a problem of choice. In this japanesse game, you must follow your intuition and find mighty katana sword to regain your honor. But be careful, this game has 2 alternative endings! If you are fan of ancient asian philosophy, this might be a choice for you!

Fort Boyard (1199 CZK / 2-5 person)

Finally, anyone who has the guts and wishes to experience 70 minutes of active fun, where your judgement, acumen, logical thinking and teamwork will be thoroughly tested, come and play our Fortress Boyard escape game. Father Fouras is elder citizen now. His situation does not make easier the fact, he must perform in a famous TV Show. The only thing that cand wake this dude up is a kofein bomb. Do you dare to prepare an killer-espresso for him?

The lost horn of magic unicorn (549 CZK / 2  kids 5-15 years)

This is an escape room for kids and their parents. In a story you have to solve a huge mistery. Magical unicorn has just lost his only horn. You might be of need of a Minecraft, Fortinte knowlegde  in order to help him. Can you find the lost horn before he looses his mightyness?

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MONDAY 13:00-22:00 
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Who attends?

Friends, family

Turn off the screens and come have fun with us, in real life!

Do you enjoy good coffee and handing out with friends? Break your routine and become part of something new! QuestCafe is a place where you can experience first-hand all the action and thrill each of our games has to offer.

QuestCafe will bring you unique experience, bring your group closer together and create ever-lasting memories.

Professional players

Escape games are becoming increasingly popular, and with them number of "professionals" - people solving escape games in record-breaking times on a weekly basis.

Our Fortress Boyard will exceed all expectations you might have. It is interlaced with 90-second tasks, for which you receive keys that will get you more golden coins at the end. After the game you are welcome to enjoy your complimentary refreshments in a private room.

In QuestCafe you can try a one-of-a-kind style of playing - game at your table in a themed room. We are the first to bring you this unique connection of coffee or tea while solving an escape game.


Are you putting together a new team and want to try a new, unique teambuilding activity? Or maybe you're just looking for a one-of-a-kind Christmas bonus for your employees? Questcafe might just have the thing for you. Our escape game requires players to collaborate and offers a pleasant bonding experience, which is the bedrock of every strong and capable collective.


All our games are at least bilingual. The entire QuestCafe staff are fluent in English and some also speak Spanish or Russian. 

QuestCafe is therefore an ideal place for expats or your international friends and offer them this unique experience from Prague!


Should we make a booking before arriving in QuestCafe?

It is not required, but strongly recommended, if you don't want to find your game being played by someone else.

How do complimentary drinks with a game work?

If you successfully solve the game in a given time limit, all players will receive a complimentary non-alcoholic drink!

Is QuestCafe children-friendly?

Of course, there is no age limit for our game nor any inappropriate content. However, players should be able to read and count.

Can we bring more people than stated on the game description?

Of course, however we do not reccommend this, as room in our lounges is limited. Please let us know in advance.

I only want to have a coffee and hang out, is that possible?

Of course. You can just sit in our themed lounges and enjoy a great cup of coffee!

How long are we booking the lounge for?

The entire session usually takes no longer than 90 minutes and the game itself takes about half an hour. You are however welcome to stay as long as you like, provided there is noone waiting to play a game in your room.

Can we park near QuestCafe?

Yes, there is parking meter right in front of the cafe, or Prague 3 residents can park in the residential (blue) zones nearby.


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Opening hours

MONDAY 13:00-22:00 
WEDNESDAY 13:00-22:00 
THURSDAY 13:00-22:00 
FRIDAY 10:30-23:00  
SATURDAY 10:30-23:00  
SUNDAY 10:30-23:00   

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